Magnet Assemblies

What are magnet assemblies?

Magnet assemblies are devices or components that can combine magnetic and non-magnetic materials. The main aim is to reduce cost and get a high magnetic field.

What are they used in?

Magnet Assemblies can be used in many day-to-day items such as catches, signs, tools, displays, and fixtures. You will pass many magnet assemblies every day without even realising it.

What materials are used?

Many different materials can be used depending on what magnet assembly is required, the most common ones are :

Magnetic Materials

Neodymium magnets

Samarium Cobalt magnets

Ferrite magnets

Aluminum cobalt magnets


Non Magnetic Materials


Low carbon steel



Stainless Steel


There are many applications of magnetic assemblies such as :




Power Tools

Motor and braking systems

Medical devices


Security devices

Anti-theft devices

Navigational systems

How do I find the right company?

Find a company that has a passion for magnets and plenty of experience so that they will be able to guide you on the manufacture and bespoke precision requirements that you need. Most magnet suppliers will supply many industries such as aerospace, gas and oil, medical sectors, and the automotive sector.

Magnet assemblies can also include design and build magnetizing systems, prototyping and 3D printing capabilities, 3D modeling software, and bespoke precision assemblies. As we said speak to an expert magnetic supplier and they will be able to discuss and advise you on which assembly is best for you and your business.