Property Buyer IIIAs you create a shortlist of property buying agencies in the UK, there are some questions that are definitely worth asking as the buy ers responses to these questions can actually help you make a solid decision on which property buying agency is the best one to meet your specific needs. So, having said that, let us get started:

1. Is there a consultation fee or a valuation charge?

If the answer is yes, this is a no­no. With regard to valuation charges, it is not the responsibility of the homeowner to shoulder the fee for it. Consultation fees and valuation charges are typical, tell­tale signs of unregulated property buying agencies.

2. Are there any legitimate reviews or testimonials about the property buying agency either on their website or on other websites/forums?

A property buying agency that has been in the business for quite some time and has served a high number of customers would very proudly put testimonials or favorable reviews about their services on display for all to see. Unless a property buying agency is a newcomer to the industry, not having any visible or credible reviews is a definite red flag. Steer clear of such agencies for your own good.

3. How does the complaint dealing process work with the property buying agency?

To begin with, do they have an existing process at all? It is important to understand that even the finest property buying agencies receive complaints from clients at some point. What is critical is that there is an complaint dealing process that is utilized in such events. You need to ensure that should this happen to you, your complaint will be taken into consideration and that you will be treated with fairness and respect. So, when meeting with a potential property buyer in the uk, be sure to inquire about this.