Key Management System

There are various key management systems out there, depending on what keys you are trying to manage there are many options to choose from.

What makes a good key management system?

A good key management system should be able to store and replace keys as and when they are needed, a key management system can include software, protocols, and procedures, provided all of these are used in the correct manner a key management system can be invaluable to a business.


A good key management system should have the following:

Planning, organization, control, and leadership.

If all of these are followed it can be beneficial and can save your business time and money.

Different industries will have different requirements for the key needs, so it is best to speak to the experts and see which system they can recommend for you and your business.

What are my key management options?

There are cabinets and safes, drawers, and even software that can help organize your keys so that do not get lost or misplaced. Key control is so important as losing or misplacing keys can end up costing a business a lot of money, vehicle keys are so expensive to replace so getting a process in place that works can save you a fortune. Processes must be followed by all employees and there must be a central location that everyone can access.

The main businesses that benefit from a key management system are car dealerships, emergency services, and property and estate sectors. In all these businesses’ keys are essential to moving vehicles, using many different vehicles, and keeping house keys safe.

With a key management system an employee can be accountable should any keys go missing.