Rare Earth Magnets

What is the difference between a rare earth magnet and a regular magnet?

The main difference is that rare earth magnets are made from alloys of rare earth elements, where other magnets will be made from alnico or ferrite. Rare earth magnets are mainly used for their surface strength and high resistance.


How many rare earth magnets are there?

There are two types of rare earth magnets available, one is a neodymium magnet and the other is a samarium cobalt magnet, they will come in various shapes and sizes and different grades.

When were they discovered?

Samarium cobalt’s were discovered in 1966 and neodymium was discovered slightly later in 1982.

Are rare earth magnets dangerous?

If a person were to swallow more than one magnet, they can pull together whilst inside the intestines and can cause holes and blockages that could prove to be life-threatening. If this happens the only option is emergency surgery.

How long will a rare earth magnet last?

In short, a very long time! They are permanent magnets, so will only lose a fraction of their strength about every 100 years.

Why the name Rare earth magnets?

The name rare comes from the fact that they are very hard to find in their purest form.

How can you keep a magnet protected?

Rare earth magnets can be stored in closed containers to prevent them from attracting any debris that may be around, if you need to store lots of magnets, they should always be stored in attracting positions to prevent them from getting demagnetized.